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Plad's Jihad List

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Hello everyone, PladDaddy here, and I have been thinking on making a jihad list for a long time now, and today I decided I'd finally get to it. But before I get to the list, first, this isn't technically a full list of jihads I've ever had, there were multiple others that were fun quotes but didn't translate well to being a jihad sound that I chose to delete, so instead of the 71 I still have, there were possibly 7 or so more I scrapped up to now. Now, Enough of that, lets get to the list!


1: Exterminate!


My first ever custom jihad sound, a Dalek from Doctor Who screaming EXTERMINATE as you blow up, can't not love it.

2: Unus Annus


A bit of the intro to the YouTube channel/project known as Unus Annus, it may be deleted from our sight, but it lives on in our memories and in this jihad, memento mori.

3: The Wrist Gaaaaaaame


A dumb quote from Angry Video Game Nerd, it was one of my earlier jihads, just random and something I thought was funny to yell as you blast some bodies into oblivion.

4: Bitches Love Canons


My first of many Hellsing Ultimate Abridged quotes, very iconic from the series, can't not throw it in here, it's the greatest sensation sweeping the nation.

5: The Return of The Why Boner


Another Hellsing Abridged quote, requested by my old buddy @Packet, and has stuck to my list ever since, with a vengence!

6: Hey Kids, Wanna See A Dead Body?


My most famous and most loved jihad I have ever used, like my goodness, since day one since I used this thing soooo many people loved it, so much even a Rotation player Named Ghost had to steal it. Very fitting, very fun, very iconic, fukkin love it, even if its not my go to right now.

7: Pepsimaaaaaaan!



8: Hey Dandy Dick, You Missed


Another Hellsing Quote, tho it only fits if you don't get tapped out while trying to use it, but still, an fun lil jihad to use every one in a while.

9: Check Your Privelege


Hellsing quotes galore, yet another, not too fitting like the others, but okay enough to be a jihad.

10: Give Me A Hug


HUA quote number infinty and a half, nothing like telling someone to give you a hug as you chase em with your porta c4.

11: Jesus Wants A Hug


HUA quote 42069,  making sure that when your target dies, Jesus wants his hug.

12: Release Restraint Level 1


HUA Quote: The Revenge, Alucard unleashing his power to an unexpected Luke Valentine, just like jihadding an unexpecting inno, such poetry if I may say so.

13: Fuck The Fear Turkey


An HUA Thanksgiving.

14: Dummy Thicc Jesus


Finally, a NOT HUA Quote, but its just a funny line sung by JackSepticEye/Markiplier while recording, small, funny, not that fitting, but still a good time.

15: OMG They Killed Kenny!


It's me, I'm kenny, you bastards.

16: People Who Don't Drink Wilkins Blow Up


Very fitting, but writing 71 jihad descriptions is getting tiring now.

17: Care For A Cup of Wilkins?


Basic Wilkins coffee commercial line.



The famous last words of GFL famous user Why.

19: How Boys, Hows Your Health Plan?


HUA quote.

20: You Like To Play With Bombs Hey?


Part of an AVGN quote.

21: Bombs Away


Other part of that AVGN quote.

22: IDGAF I'm Taking You With Me


AVGN quote.

23: Lamp Oil, Rope, Bombs


Morshu meme, Morshu Meme.

24: We've Gone To Plaid


I wonder why I added this one?

25: Ignore Meeeee


People don't shoot you when you use this one, works half the time works all the time.

26: You Activated My Trap Card


Yet.. another.. Hellsing Abridged quote.

27: Somedays, You Just Can't Get Rid of A Bomb


Fitting AVGN quote.

28: People On The First Floor Gonna Hear A Lot of Bangin


Not saying where this one is from.

29: Affirmitive Your Aaaaaass


AVGN quote.

30: Suck, My, Nuts


 A cut down version of a line from The Walking Dead

31: This Is My Timey Whimy Detector


Doctor Who quote.

32: This Mans A Psycho!


Jay from Kubz Scouts quote

33: Maximum Lung Cancer


Soundsmith quote.

34: Everybody Loves Me


Quote from a song I can't remember.

35: Goddamn Hero


Edited quote from a DAGames video.

36: I'm Going To Moon The Sun


DAGames quote.

37: MordeTwi



38: My Little Pony


The dare I wish I could forget.

39: Go Fuck Yourself


Quote from a song by DAGames.

40: When You Go To Meet God


Quote from a Hollywood Undead song.

41: I'm Coming Home


Quote from an IRIS Offcial song.

42: A Lot of These Are Just A Penis


Quote from a JonTron video.

43: Can I Ban Someone Now?


Quote from an old DAGames animation.

44: Scream For Me Louder


IRIS Offcial song quote.

45: Scream For Me


IRIS Offcial song quote.

46: You Have No Idea Whats In Store


Omega Mart jingle.

47: Time of Your Life


Quote from a DAGames song.

48: Bad Sesame Street Demon


Quote from a DAGames video.

49: Be Cool About Fire Safety


Be cool.

50: I Slammed My Penis In The Car Door


Dead meme.

51: We Would Make Beautiful Children



52: You Dun Goofed


Guess, just fukkin guess where this quote comes from.

53: Who Is It? Oh You Know



54: Blast From Your Past


HUA quote, very fitting, fun to use.

55: Hat of Disapline


Do you live in a cave?!

56: Stan Says You're A Cont


A continuous source of inspiration.

57: We Killed Kenny, We're Bastards


South Park is a nice show.

58: The Wonder Boner


An old fish de-boning tool.

59: Riddle Me This Batman


When is a door, not a door? When it's a j- *BOOM*

60: Ligma Balls


One of my current go to's, old meme but funny none the less, it also avenged @Waylon Smithers, so thats a plus.

61: Can You Feel The Sunshine


Quote from a song from Sonic R.

62: Serve The Lord



63: Doctor Octagonapus


Old meme from the Lazer Collection, but a goodie.

64: You Lose, Good Day Sir!


Another current go to, edited clip from Willy Wonka, made to sound like an epic finale, and I feel I made a good choice with this one.

65: Barney Is A Dinosaur


Do you like Barney?

66: Barney Is A Dinosaur Sped Up


Barney intensifies.

67: Flintstones, Meet The Flintstones


Requested by @DoorLock, had to make my boi happy.

68: Yaba, daba, doo!


Another Flintstones jihad.

69: HyperForce Go!


A quote from Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go, an old show I loved.

70: Dora The Explora!


Innocent no innocenting.

71: This Is Where We Blow Up!


A quote that I was reminded existed by @TheOneOnlyHero, honestly forgot this fitting as hell quote existed if this madlad didn't remind my ass, complete chad.


And that's my list, kinda got lazy and bored by the end, but at the same time, as fitting and fun as some of these are, only a few stick with me myself, so there wasn't much to say anyways. If you have a favorite or wanna hear one of these/hear it more, let me know in your comment/response below.


Thanks for reading, and I look forward to expanding this list by a lot veeeeeeery soon.


Have a swood day ❤️


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