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GMOD TTT | The GFL Modded Saga

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Now that the series has officially concluded and I'm currently in progress with Rotation Season 2, I figure I make a post for this similar to the post I made for Rotation Season 1. Once more, this acts as a time capsule for people to look at in the future, although honestly my upload schedule itself makes it a time capsule with how behind I am.

This playlist is a compilation of moments from the GFL TTT Modded server, a previous iteration of Rotation that was recorded from December 2020 and concluded April 2021. Similar with the last season, I made this series with the intention of showcasing the various personalities on the server, as well as establishing a storyline of events and efforts that took place during that era. The "cast of players" has become much more condensed due to the player population decreasing either from disenfranchisement or burnout, and it features a dark time for the server whilst making its way back to glory in the process. Although a time of the past, many of the regulars that played during this time are still around today, and we reminiscence about some of the simple moments we had. Without everyone, Rotation Modded might've fallen to the wayside as some other servers had. So this series is a love letter to these people and that we keep pushing Rotation ahead today before it gets to another period like this ever again. ✊

Anyways, thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope to see you on our server sometime! Rotation Season 2 (More like Season 3) is currently being recorded (although very behind) and maybe you'll get a chance to feature in it too!

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