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Admin Appreciation Post (Posted in the right place this time)

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Hey guys! I have not been on this server in a really long time. I have been busy with life. Recently I have gotten back into surfing and have joined a few other communities. I was pulled towards Surf Heaven because I enjoy learning about other cultures and that's a European server. I have even more recently been drawn back to GFL because GFL has one thing that no other server has. GFL has CrazyChocolateChipDaddy46. I appreciate everything that everyone on the staff team does for this server, but this is an appreciation post for Chip specifically. This is one of the most caring admin's I have ever talked to. No matter what the topic is, Chip has very valuable insight that has helped me and I'm sure many that I have been able to experience him. It is not only his wisdom that draws me back to GFL, but his compassion. This admin cares about everyone on the server annoying or not and that's something special. GFL is lucky to have someone like CrazyChocolateChipDaddy46 as a part of their staff.

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