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SirQuaren's TTT Rotation Mute/Ban Appeal

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Name: SirQuaren


Steam ID (or steam profile link): STEAM_0:0:221120829


Banned by: System


Ban Reason: Karma Below Ban Threshold


Why should you be unbanned

So I was on ttt_white_house right?

And I go to jihad cause spawn is packed and I'd get a bunch of kills

About half a second before the jihad goes off, I realize two things:
1. Spawn is packed cause people haven't loaded in to leave
2. That includes 3 of my t buddies

So in true Marshalmaniac fashion, I end up blowing up 3 of my t buddies, leaving the last guy alone and, in true Quaren luck fashion, leaving me at 644 karma

Definitely not my finest moment

I will definitely be staying away from jihads for a while, and probably holys for good measure

Though I gotta say, the timing of me making a suggest in the discord for me to get banned so I am forced to work on my TTT map, then instantly getting karma banned, is a little funny.


sirquaren moment

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Given that no one had reported the 3 kills on your t buddies and it being your first karmaban in a long while, I'd say I can accept this appeal


However, while I'm at it, I do want to address one thing because I have been noticing it a lot lately and I don't want you to continue doing it anymore. But you've been making some very aggressive and pretty toxic remarks towards players if they kill you in game, and I know sometimes you use it to pass off "RDMing" them on T rounds, but it's not really a good look that I want you to keep doing. So please cool it in that department as I don't want it to get any worse or to have to give more infractions. 

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