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Plaid Daddy

PSA For GFL Players

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So I wasn't sure which section to post this in, but decided to just post it here since I tend to post a lot in this section anyways.



This is a short simple PSA for any GFL users who have thought about, or has decided to do this:


DO NOT: for any reason at all link or endorse any other servers, other then GFL related servers to other users via direct messaging. It can, and potentially will, be considered as poaching/advertising and will lead to a ban if reported. Even if you believe the person you are messaging to be a friend or a good associate of yours, it is ill advised to send them anything of that kind, because all it takes is trusting people you believed to be on good terms with to speak vocally about you doing so for one reason or another for you to receive a punishment, no exceptions.


Please take this into account before you do such things in the future, and I wish you all a good rest of the day/night.


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Oh... I thought that me randomly shooting off invites to my Roblox discord was allowed, thanks for this post! Hopefully the Mod team don't mind that I've been doing that for 3 years - I've successfully got like 4 GFL members to join!

Contact me here or on Discord @Liloz01#9857

For help with anything Forum related: 

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