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ezra2000's General Mute/Ban Appeal

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Which platform(s) are you appealing?: clone wars rp

Discord/TS3 username (Add your tag and ID if possible):



Why were you banned?: I sent an image that is offensive and flat out bad and wrong and I take 100% responsibility for it


Why should you be unbanned?

hello sir or ma'am my name in game is CT PVT 2000 EZRA back then it was 41ST EC MAJOR 2000 EZRA. I am writing this day to try to make amends for what I have done. I understand exactly what I did and I am deeply sorry for what I have done to the people that witnessed it and for those that heard of it. this event I believe happened 7 months ago I thought at the time I would never join this community again and so at the time I wanted to go out with a bang. that is until this week when I joined back into the server and I was welcomed as if nothing had happened. so I started to play with the other and to my surprise people wanted me to come back onto the server and to get unblacklisted. well at first I said "I care not for this server because I am banned off of the discord so there is almost nothing to do on the server but to talk and mass around." then the other asked around to see if there is some way I can get unbanned so they start asking around and they said sending an appeal is the only way. well at the time only 2 people asked to come back so I send my first appeal as a joke one because I know for a fact I was not going to be unbanned without good reasoning. so then more and more people started to remember who I was and then they asked me why am I still banned and I told them the reasoning and that it was my first ever offensive thing I ever said and sent in the discord. because at the time I was getting bored with the server and wanted to go out with a bang. but now I am getting called a transphobic person and that I hate gay people which is not true at all by the way I care less if a person is gay or not so this myth and or rumor of me needs to stop. I am not asking for forgiveness and I do not expect to get it at this time. I am asking if I can earn it, to get a second chance I am asking if I can better myself and try to make amends with the people I hurt and if I can't have a second I understand but if you do allow me to get this opportunity I can promise you one thing for sure I will never send something like that ever again and if I ever make one miss up you can ban me right then and there and I will understand. but like I said before if you don't give me a second chance I still understand. well this has been CT PVT 2000 EZRA signing out hopefully not the last time.


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It is my understanding that your current appeal won't really have a chance of being accepted after you made a shitpost appeal a few days ago, where the reasons for denial were clearly laid out. Hopefully you realise that we're not particularly optimistic on how serious we think these appeals are.


I won't take a photo—I'll tell it through words.

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Posted  Edited by Joshy

It would be very difficult to lift your ban and it wouldn't be 100% up to me.


If I were in your shoes and was going to be around anyways, then I would definitely work on my image.  One way to do this is to have very positive activity on our other platforms.  The games are a good way to do this and many of the discord moderators are also admins in the game; they might speak favourably for you in a future appeal.  A super excellent way to show positive activity is the forums.  The forums leave behind a clear and long lasting digital trail, and it's very visible to staff like Division Leaders and Team Leaders no matter which game they play and the times they may be online.


When I say positive activity I don't mean out of sight out of mind, staying off the radar, and just suddenly appealing 8 months from now.  I mean you ought to really prove that you have changed... like contributing on threads or participating in events, and being visibly a active and positive person.  A lot of people can kind of play the game and work it for a few weeks no problem, and so I don't think a few weeks or even 1-2 months will change anything; however: I personally think 6-12 months might be something and have even advocated against permanent bans myself (unless it's extremely severe), and would be worth a shot if... again... you're planning to stick around anyways.  Passage of time usually helps so I wouldn't look at it as a "6 months minimum" sort of deal, but more of when you think the time is right and you have enough people who are willing to champion for you.  Don't pester or spam because that'll hurt your chances severely.


Can I absolutely promise you that you'll get back in?  I can't.  No.  Sorry.  I think it would be safe and correct to assume that the ban is likely permanent, and that's what we'll call it for now.  Reason for that is that I really don't have 100% say on it.  Your positive activity is your(s) (and my) negotiating power to get you back in, and that's what I will be using if you ask again, but negotiations don't always pan out; we also never know if there could be a change in leadership, and so I couldn't promise anything on behalf of future leaders too should that be the case (although I personally don't have any plans on that).


It's going to take a lot of time and effort, but again... if you'll be around anyways... You've got nothing to lose in giving it a shot.  Have we taken people back before?  Yes, it has happened a few times.  Best of luck.  We do have to deny the appeal for now and I will tell you things are not looking good, but I hope you'll change our mind.  I think you can do it.

Edited by Joshy

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