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CR Roles for TTT TTT2 Port Suggestions

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Mostly because I don't want to forget and because I can't really port these myself, I like making threads, and this is a good way to brainstorm to ensure the ones I think are good are actually good and not another Astronaut situation.


CR for TTT Version:
A jester role that when killed, haunts their host and gains the ability to grant them various buffs on cooldowns(Damage boost, wall hacks, instant reloads).

My version for TTT2:
Remove the Jester role part and make it a no-team neutral. Have the Sacrifice join the player who killed them's team. Otherwise, I love this idea for a Neutral.


Oracle:(Yes im aware this exists already but this is better than the TTT2 version)
CR for TTT Version:
A detective Role that gains various visions at random points during the round, giving them useful ableit vague pieces of information.

List of Visions they can get:

-A weapon a non-innocent is holding at the moment

-Current Distance from a non-Innocent

-Amount of total credits a non-innocent team has

-if a specific non-innocent team exists in the round and still has living players

-That there is an un-ided dead body somewhere and the identity of the dead body

-A specific player's Role

-How many people are Alive.

-Lists off 3 people, which any amount of them have the possibility to be evil. (Same as the TTT2 oracle).

-Ability to see outlines of players if blinded.


My Version for TTT2:
Remove the list off 3 people and Specific Player's role. Replace it with a TOS 'investigator' esc prompt. "X person is either *3 random roles, always at least 1 evil role, one of which is their actual role". Remove the Outline Vision as it is fucking useless(Lel have to get it randomly while blinded lel). Perhaps give some way to allow the Oracle to speed up the rate they get visions by doing something to avoid this being a solely passive role? Pretty good role regardless though. 


CR for TTT Version:

Jester role who cannot deal damage, but starts with a Detonator linked to a random player. After using the Detonator, they can deal damage and win but only live for 15 seconds. 


My version for TTT2:
Remove Jester role and make it their own neutral team but keep cannot deal damage. Allow them to choose their linked player with a name list similar to undecided(with the same 'if not chosen in X time randomly chooses someone) to help reduce odds of getting an AFK or Kill-Binder.  They can damage any player that damages their linked Detonator player first. Their 15 second timer would trigger regardless of how the Detonator player dies and not only if they detonate them. Perhaps increase the 15 second timer to 30 seconds and give some kind of damage boost when activated? 

Also fix the name since Lemming is a dumb name. 


Dread Thrall:
CR for TTT version:
Traitor role that has access to a special Bone Charm that can trigger one of 3 effects at the cost of credits: Cannibal Attack that summons Fast Zombies, a Blizzard that limits visibility and hides the UI that shows when hovering another player, and Spirit walk which helps them get around.


My version for TTT2:
Keep the same effects but add an announcement to the Blizzard effect to explain what it does to limit 'HE HAS A DISGUISER!" teamkills. 

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