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CapTicTac's Mute/Ban Appeal for CWRP

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My in-game name: 327th LCPL 8008 Tic Tac

My SteamID: STEAM_0:1:120986356

Reason: Discrimitory Language

Admin: Babaloof

Why this should be revoked:

I realize what I said was not in accordance with the  server rules, after learning it was, I deeply apologize for my actions and to any of those I offended. I understand if my week ban must sit, but I do wish to continue playing on the server.  I promise to not do such an action again. I have deeply reviewed the rules, and upon inspection I did break the rules. I cannot do much, but simply ask for your forgiveness and mercy. I patiently await your response

- 327th LCPL 8008 Tic Tac / Cap'n Tic Tac#8008


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Posted  Edited by Ren CWRP

Heyo! It's Ren/Babaloof the person who banned you from the GFL Clone Wars server.
Just for context for anyone who may happen across this ban appeal, this is the talked about video:

(I was watching breaking bad at the time of the clip and the audio was recorded, so if you hear that, thats why.)

You were banned for saying the N word in the "soft" form as soon as the map changed. I understand it could've been messing around or whatnot but thems the facts. 
HOWEVER, You have been alright, you seem like you want to play the server and take it seriously but you just got caught doing something stupid and as an admin I have to enforce the rules.
You also just donated to the server hours before this incident. I don't think you meant any harm right after donating. You were very apologetic in the admin sit and took your ban with honesty. I would not be opposed to knocking days off the ban appeal, but your warn should stay in my opinion. 
Hope to see you back on the server soon!
Good luck!


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