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EVENT! - Minecraft Factions - APRIL1st-APRIL30th

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I am proud to announce that we have been internally working on a major event upcoming on April 1st, lasting to April 30th. This, as the title says, will be an month long event on a new server we are crafting from the ground up. I still need a few things before we can go live, but if you are interested in helping with any of the following areas, please hit me up on discord! I'm in almost every major discord of GFL, and this is GFL wide.

Minecraft Factions


Starting - APRIL 1st

Concluding - APRIL 30th (11:59est)


--Details of the event--

This Minecraft Factions server will be a month long survival Factions event. Fairly vanilla besides a few quality of life additions.
The map is 10k x 10k blocks wide, and has a world border at those points. This is an EXTREMELY large map, so it will be easy to hide yourself in.

Factions will be allowed up to 30 members per faction, and can be named within reason.

This event is PVP ORIENTED. Your faction can, and likely WILL be raided. Please keep this in mind.

A discord will be released shortly for people to work together in, with many general VC's, and those people with factions larger than 10 members will be given their own role within the discord + private VC, Text chat. Please note, this discord will follow the same ruleset as the greater GFL ruleset.


At the end of the event, the spawn will be hosting a fun event. 🙂



--Things I need--

I am still looking for people to help do general QoL things, specifically I am looking for a pop-up staff team to help moderate this server occasionally. Of course, I don't think many people will cause issues requiring moderation, but plan for the worst and hope for the best! This moderation team will be people that cannot participate unfortunately in the main event. However, the staff team will be able to participate in something quite fun. Microevents within the month!




--Other important info--

We are also working on other MC related events, including a Minecraft Hungergames server. These will be popup servers, with small rewards for claiming victory!

I know we have a lot of people who are very well versed in Minecraft, but let's try our best to make this a fun experience. This server is temporary as well, for one month, but that does not mean it will be the only time GFL does minecraft. If you have ideas for Minecraft events, PLEASE reach out to me on Discord (Business Kirby#6049). 
If you are interested in HELPING with this event, please also reach out to me directly.

Thank you!

Please RSVP so I know how many slots to initially open the server with. 🙂 Thank you!

Business Kirby

GMOD sourced
IT Certified professional. Advanced Python, C# - Intermediate LUA, GLUA - Proficient/General PHP, HTML, XML 
Steam: Kirby / Discord: Kirby#6049  ----- "Business Kirby doing Business Things."

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