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here's why you should play factorio

do you play factorio?  

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  1. 1. do you play factorio?

    • yes
    • no but i want to
    • what's that?
    • i think factorio is dumb but that's just because i don't know what good games are

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I'm coming up on 1k hrs in factorio. You should buy the game, it's good. 


if you don't want to buy the game because "i'm not paying $30" i have good news and bad news.


Bad first:

  • It doesn't go on sale, ever


  • there's a free demo that you can play that'll let you learn the basics of automation
  • you can pull a sneaky douchebag and take advantage of an economic recession and buy the game in a foreign currency. This works because the devs made the game 30 of whatever your equivalent of the dollar is  (I lied, sorry). Here's a handy table from https://steamdb.info/app/427520/ about it image.png.b713167797fc5cd5bd190f917cae3658.png
  • mod support is amazing, and you can download them directly through the game, no drag and drop and dealing with directories and no "creation club" or other 3rd party mod stuff, it's all hosted by Wube, the people who make factorio.


Edited by motorsteak
edit because reading what i write is hard.

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