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Twitch Overlay Art Request from RivalRevival

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Request type:

Twitch Overlay



Realistically I just need a header/box for the game capture, not sure what that would be for size tbh.


Source image/render: 


don't mind the pixels, this is my pfp with kinda the color scheme. minus hair color, just makes the pic a lil better than making it grey.


Text *(optional):

Optional - Putting my channel name somewhere on the overlay (RivalRevival) would be cool but I can very easily live without.


Color scheme *(optional):

My page scheme is red/gray/black, so anything along those lines




the top and bottom of this is kinda what I was meaning in the earlier entry when saying "modern overlay," realistically something that boxes around the screen and gives room for certain texts.


I know this may be a lot of work so there's absolutely no time limit, I will gladly tip the maker as well, pending final product.


Additional information: 

I don't want a basic "red square" overlay, maybe something a bit more modern looking? I'm not picky past that and fully grant artistic freedom







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