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Hauss's TTT Anarchy Mute/Ban Appeal

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Punished by:

busy bee

Reason for the punishment:

false reporting, disruptive behavior and warn limit

Why should your punishment be revoked?

I just tried to play tonight and i was banned (??), at that moment i knew that who banned me was busy bee before even need to read, he is the only admin who warns me for pretty much everything, i dont know why but since he started playing (i think on monday) im always being warned and gagged randomly, randomly in my opinion because since others dont warn or gag me this  fits perfectly.

He warned me yesterday for attempt of prop kill, wich is wrong in my opinion because i didnt kill anyone it was a attempt as they said, after i appealed about this it was seen that it wasnt in fact a attempt it was just a pushing and the warn was removed. The point here is that since that i didnt had any other warn and i was playing for a long time after that, buuuuut for some reason when i left he decided to ban me for A WEEK for "FALSE REPORTING", wich is one of the reasons i already appealed against him, he claims i false report and only him claims it, before his existence i always reported people and they were warned due to my reports, i didnt change anything since then, the only change that happened here was that busy bee started playing when im playing making 2 things very noticeable, being the 1st ;warning me everytime plus gagging from no where for trash reasons; 2nd claiming i false report when i do reports based on the rules. 

So for me it is just a big mess, i dont know if hes a mod who started now or what, i know that this is ruining my experience since he started playing when i do and i dont understand by any chance why would i be banned AFTER i leave for a warn limit, i was in the server and just after i got banned (???) how, also they removed one of the warns i appealed so what, what about disruptive behavior... Why did i got banned for this, he just decided from no where to ban me with this excuse and now FALSE REPORTING, i already appealed against him saying i false report, the most stupid thing happened this week, when a guy was rdming me every round, i was reporting him and BUSY BEE didnt warn him at all, but warned me instead for reporting him since he didnt want to warn him. This is admin abuse as i appealed and im sure that if any other admin instead of him was in there at that moment it would be a way different story, but since i was alone with him it was an awful experience.


Imagine being banned for an entire week for this reason, a guy like me who has always been giving valid reports and all.


Thanks for the attention,

just a litte note that id like to do :

i like the server and i play here since 2021 (i was even vip for some months), by february i think and i came back to play here 3 months ago and now this is happening and ruining my experience so i hope this gets a big review on.

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Hey, Hauss. I've been staff since July of last year. (Admin since September.)image.png.c885908e41b2baa42392c4170458f338.png

You were banned because there were two active false reports that you had made when you left, and I warned you for both of them as they were both false. The reports in question: image.png.153c3f29767deff934558bd097887c71.pngimage.png.b2223cd82d18a49869b9b6e00734c2f9.png

Standing over/running over unidentified bodies is kosable in many situations, and Mike had only just gotten into the T room and you decided to report him for it anyways. If that was a joke report, you need to get a better sense of humour. 

I have no intention of removing this ban. You repeatedly flaunt the rules despite your claims of knowing them so well, and have been complaining about a fifteen minute gag for racism for days now. 

If you're still curious about that, referring to Karagaki as 'chinaman' for having hiragana in their name is racist, Hauss. Like, seriously, dude.


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