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JapherGaffer's TTT Rotation Mute/Ban Appeal

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Name: Crybabykilla


Steam ID (or steam profile link): 76561199234510450


Banned by: Karma Bot


Ban Reason: Karma to Low


Why should you be unbanned

hi, i was playing on my other account and well I got karma banned. I wasn't rdming when I was Detective every body I got DNA from turns out an inno was the bad boy and well my karma got ded. I have 3 hours left and I would love to play today while there's still folks on. thanks I love you a billion million. ALSO THIS ISNT AN ACCOUNT TO AVOID BANS. I USE IT FOR FIVEM ROLEPLAY AND WHEN I CAME ON I FORGOT I WAS STILL IN THAT ACCOUNT. DONT GET THE WRONG IDEA IVE CHANGED. IM GOOD BOI

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Posted  Edited by AlphaOwl

Looking into the situation and asking many of the people present at the time (as well as the lack of reports), I have to the conclusion that most of the karma loss wasn't too concerning by others, so appeal accepted.


However, I do have to say several things. Given this is your second karmaban within the month, any further karmaban appeals have to be 100% justified within the rules of the server, ie. karmaloss from justified kills. Having checked the logs, I can say for certain that it was not the case for this ban, and that I'm accepting this on the fact that everyone else was fine. If you happen to lose karma for the fun of it/unjustified reasons, I will be denying the future appeals. Given that there were no bans to avoid by using this account, I have reason to believe that this was an accident. However, please avoid using this account in the future, as it does signal off possible malicious intent and in the case you do have a ban on your main account and you use this one, you will be permanently banned for alt evasion. Finally, I was also informed that last night you also tended to be toxic by butting into conversations and hurling insults towards people, especially towards staff. Please don't, as you can be muted/gagged for it. I do expect improvement with this in mind, and hopefully you avoid getting into trouble in the future.


Edit: Whoops, looks like I took a bit long trying to right this up, so yes it did expire. But please keep this in mind in the future.


Edited by AlphaOwl

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