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Fps Problem in Zombie Escape Servers

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Guys i do really need ur help



i was really having a bad problem on my fps while playing on zombie escape servers, in css nide server i got like 25-60 fps while in csgo gfl itself which is worse,i got like 20-60 around in every crowded situations


i have gtx 1050ti with i3 6100, i've tried to set it on high performances with every low settings but it's still not working for me.

what is the best and posibble steps do i need to make it way more better for my fps performance please? I've been really frustated for over weeks for this issue, please guys help me


Here's the pics of screenshoot that i took while playing on the Nide Server,as u can see in the net_graph informations where the fps is a bit of crappy just like what im talking about (sorry i can't give any of csgo screenshot,im too lazy to post it in here)1339270887_download(6).thumb.jpeg.fe21d7ddd940eea59e2b98d9353866f4.jpeg34414943_download(7).thumb.jpeg.603ac7af45e85d47ed2b9c5c3aa3a1b9.jpeg489299265_download(8).thumb.jpeg.edab1bd440553141fd2514e50cdece5c.jpeg


Thanks before and pardon me for my bad english anyway


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6 hours ago, ekcja said:

Do you have HDD or SSD drive? Also, how much RAM do you have?

I have both ssd and hdd, the ram is 8 gigs for each channels (4x2)

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On 3/18/2022 at 10:31 AM, Reddiest said:

high performances with every low settings

There was a solution long long ago in this place that helped. I believe you have to download more ram. That or turn off multicore rendering.

Also pictures of your settings would help first. :lenny:

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Posted  Edited by MetroidSkittles

i3 6100

That's your problem my friend your 6th gen i3 is is a dual core processor pretending to be a quad core. But as much as like to pretend we just cannot. If you're looking into a group of up to 50 separate players that puts an incredible load on your CPU. Your 
gtx 1050ti is more than capable of playing CS:GO but CS:GO was not designed with 64 slot servers in mind and the CPU load is intensive. You will need to change your processor you can tweak your settings as much as you'd like you cannot make up for that poor of a processor.

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