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How to DJ

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So, You want to DJ but don't know how? This tutorial is for you!


Ok so first, you want to become a DJ of course.


Let's talk about your builder tool for a moment. It will make your job way easier. It has 3 settings that you can use the "Builder", the "Link", and the "Repair" settings. You can change your setting by pressing the "T" key


The builder setting will allow you to place your entities where you need to, just left click on the entity and left click where you want to place it. You can also use "R" to rotate it. Also, if you want to sell something, you can do it by using right click.


The Link setting will allow you to link your stuff to the controller. To link a speaker you just left click on the speaker and left click the controller. If you want to link a screen, lights, or all the other stuff  you need to follow the steps that I'll explain in a bit.


The Repair setting will allow you to repair your speakers, screens, lights, and stuff. They take damage over time, so make sure to repair them frequently so they don't break!


You will need your 3 basic entities which are a controller, a speaker and a Screen



Then you press E on your controller, this will load up the menu




You need to go to actions and select "Displayscreens" and hit the "Create new Actionblock" 


Then you need to click the restart checkmark and the + sign beside "Transition." This will display the following menu:




Now you click the 2 blue + signs in the parameters tab and this menu should pop up




There you can choose the color, the pattern, the rotation, scale, fade time, hold time and many other options. Feel free to mess around until you find the perfect combination for your club!


Then you need to click the plus sign on "Output Ports" and choose the device you're linking. (in this case, a Displayscreen)

When you do this, the port will also appear on the "Timeline" tab. 


Now, you need to click your action block, then your port in the "Timeline" tab and press the "Add selected Actionblock to the selected Timeline" icon.

(The one with the downward arrow).




Now just link the screen to the port you just created.




And that's it. You can now start playing your music. 


If you want to add fog machines, stage lights, lights, and so on you just repeat these steps but set the actionblock to what you want to connect.


Mess around with all the stuff the DJ job offer to create some sick setups







In order to make drinks, you just select the beverage you desire to prepare on the screen and start pressing on the "X" icons that will pop up



Once you finish making your drink, there's two ways of selling it. You may place it on the bar counter so that the NPCs that spawn can buy them (Special thanks to @Bunny_Fany




Or you can sell them to other players that visit your club. It's up to you!



That's it. If you feel like I left something out or have any questions just comment and I'll try to reply or edit the post!


Cya :lenny:




Tutorial Credit to @jarm323 


(Signature credit to @Clavers)


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