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Rhysin but BlazingArson

Forums Signature Art Request from BlazingArson

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Posted  Edited by BlazingArson

Request type:

Forums Signature



450 x 200


Source image/render: 


The background can be whatever you think fits the color palette i got to edit into the post
Maybe through in a little frog guy if you want, I don't really have any example images.



Text *(optional):

Focal Point: "Rhysin_" (include the underscore)
Subtext: "Discord: rhysin_#9956" and "they/them"
Font: Just something you think is chill.


Color scheme *(optional):

ill edit in the palette I just cant add images here




This is my current signature, made by Clavers, but its kind of a very different style than what I want now (which is obvious when you look at the color palette) but similar format to what I want




Additional information: 

luv yall


Edited by BlazingArson


Signature by the magnificent @B10001100110101

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