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Now it is truly the time...

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I hope this isn't a resignation thread




Aww man my old knees cannot keep up with this.  I always considered the two of you (Lonely and you) as a close team, and so I probably should have seen this one coming.  Still glad to see that some strong friendships were built here so it's a good thing anyways just hard to take the hit all at once.  Thanks for all of your help and the rough times you endured- it's a challenging role, but you both did a great job and I was always happy to have you two.  I think you will do well on your next steps and goals you both have a way of thinking I think works well.  Hope you stop by and say hi sometimes 🙂 

Edited by Joshy

Demographics Poll is open! 🙂 Please fill it out: https://gflclan.com/demographic





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