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PAC3 Suggestion (Another VIP Variant)

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Hey, I wanted to make this suggestion because I've been doing some experience with a lot of servers that used PAC3 in many ways and I used Pac3 to make room elements, graphic designs, and etc.. But there's a lot of stuff that people can use PAC3 for themselves.

If anyone doesnt know what PAC3 is or you just wanna search it up for yourselves, PAC3 is basically a playermodel/environmental customizer that you can create based on the resources and gadgets it offers you to creat

for your character or use your building for little touches of creativity.

The reason I included a VIP Variant is because other servers made it where users can buy the server's VIP for Pac3 alone, so other players can't abuse the addon alone. Some players can use this addon to turn invisible but the admins and the managers can turn the feature off and figure out the rest.






















































2037183513_OperaSnapshot_2022-04-07_143122_i.ytimg_com.png.ba2047f171e50b66bf81d609e5be0b49.pngHere's a player model PAC3 someone did. This person customized a player model by adding a beard, tattoos, and etc... These creations can be very artistic and fun to do on the server. 

I hope this will reach out to others and the staff! If you want more information you can contact me via Discord!





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