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Nice to meet you all

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Hey Everyone! Long time player on and off on the TF2 GFL servers and I've always come back to enjoy the community and wanted to join/donate to show my appreciation. I've played TF2 since it released and it's always been my go-to game over the years. I played mostly sniper in the beginning but transitioned to OG flare gun pyro and love the playstyle. I also play Lost Ark on US-East Regulus if anyone wants to add me on there for raids/pvp/pve.  Other than that, I'm a 34 yo father of one (soon to be two this September) and I work as an Occupational therapist for Veterans with serious mental illness helping them reintegrate into the community.  Good to meet you all! 

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Games played: TF2, Lost Ark (US East - Regulus)

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Hello, fellow flare pyro who plays on the tf2 servers. I'm glad you've enjoyed your time here


thank you clavers for signature

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