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How to set your VIP Tag

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sm_tags or /tags
Shows the tag menu, from here you can control your tag and pick tag, name and chatcolor from a list of predefined colours.


sm_settag or /settag
Allows you to set your tag to anything you want, anything that breaks the rules will be removed if not already on the blacklist.

sm_tagcolor or /tagcolor
Allows you to define your own tag colour using any hex code, you can generate hex codes here https://htmlcolorcodes.com/color-picker/ e.g. /tagcolor ff0000.

sm_namecolor or /namecolor
Allows you to define your own name colour using any hex code e.g. /namecolor 0000ff.

sm_chatcolor or /chatcolor

Allows you to define your own chat colour using any hex code e.g. /chatcolor 00ff00.

The three example commands will result in a chat message that looks like this:



Thanks to @BlazingArson for the signature ❤️
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