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eggs979's 1v1 Arena Player Report

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My SteamID: STEAM_0:0:38883960

Their SteamID (if I have it): STEAM_0:0:80137314


What happened: 

I got low gravity world record on bhop_lime and they, completely unprovoked, started being toxic at me for playing low gravity. As someone who very very rarely every chats, and having never spoken to this person before, it kind of caught me off guard and irked me a bit so I threw a little bit of sauce back at him. At this point he called me a pussy, an illiterate monkey, and possible other things but I reported him in game and muted him.



I did not think to get screencaps of the chat which I apologize for, but I can give possible server event stamps/time ranges to check chat logs. His initial confrontation came after I (in game name eggs979) set the low gravity record on bhop_lime on the BHOP #1 Server. I later improved that record, so it would be after the second to last time the record was set as of now. From my best estimates these events occurred between 2:30AM and 3:15AM EST. Another event stamp that may be useful is I set the #3 normal time on the same map about 20 minutes after the situation occurred.

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