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Macho Man Randy Savage

Macho Man Randy Savage's TTT Anarchy Mute/Ban Appeal

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Macho Monk



Punished by:

Doctor Pig

Reason for the punishment:

killing Wriggly?

Why should your punishment be revoked?

In all honesty from my perspective it looked as though Wriggly killed a person with a crowbar while the comms were down, right in front of me and Phee. Apparently it was Phee who killed the person and in doctor pigs own words "You were directly behind Phee and she was directly behind wriggly who was directly behind the person who was killed."


I was also never warned? there were 2 other times i was reported in the night but never got a warning, just a sudden ban

1) the inno came out of t room behind a haunted and shot them in the back so i immediately shot them only to later see they were inno

2) same round another inno was coming in the room i was in, holding a winchester, which looked like a double barrel to me- this was the only one i admit i fucked up on but i also apologized to the guy and then killed myself

Everything We Do is Art. -Connor Lee James Rumbaugh

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Hello Macho Monk,


First thing I want to do is establish that the warning brought up in this report was in fact your third warning in a week, which does mean you get a 6-hour ban for reaching the warn limit.  Below is your infraction page on GFLBans:



Now, about the warning and ban issued earlier today.  I did watch the death scene, and here are the thoughts that I had when reviewing the report:  A.) the person was killed with an m16, while wriggly was holding a crowbar.  I determined that you should have heard the gunshots and seen the person getting shot because you were looking at them. b.) they were healthy before they were killed so wriggly would have had to hit them with a crowbar 5 times in order to kill them, and according to the logs wriggly did not hit them once with a crowbar.  Finally, C, as I said during my initial steam message to you, Phee was standing directly in front of you when she killed the person, so I decided that you should have known that it was Phee who had killed them and not wriggly.  I do believe that this was not an intentional RDM, and in fact a mistake, but we still do warn on the server for mistaken RDMs if we believe that the RDM was caused due to negligence or not paying attention.  So, what I will do is ask @wriggly if he wants the ban to stay, and if he decides to forgive you, I will remove the ban right now.  In the future, I do suggest that you pay more attention to your surroundings to prevent future incidents like this.  



Hello I'm Doctor Pig

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As stated by Doctor Pig, you were able to see Phee shooting toward the other person. You saw Phee attacking that person and yet assumed it was me. Although I was upset due to this RDM, I believe it was a simple mistake that lead to this. I am absolutely fine with removing the ban, but please be more careful when things are occurring.



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