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TTT Anarchy General Changes (Cont.)

Add Penetrator Revolver?  

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  1. 1. Add Penetrator Revolver?

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  2. 2. If you answered yes, would you rather it be a ground item or a shop item?

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Continuation of this post because I ran out of polling questions:



Penetrator Revolver


Another mechanic that TTT Weapon Rework adds in is an experimental equipment item that allows you to shoot through walls in exchange for being a bit weaker than other equipment items. I was considering adding this in as a new weapon under a revolver, but I have concerns over whether or not it would be too OP with roles such as Serial Killer being able to abuse it due to it having the tracker item. I am also not sure whether or not it would be better as a ground item, or as a shop item.

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properly explained the source

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imo it could be a good shop item, and it actually fits well since sk weapons are supposed to be more powerful, and it could be added into sk AND traitor shops, since it wouldn't be as powerful in a traitor shop.


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