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Trial of Glory GFLPurge Event Accouncement

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Posted  Edited by JamalDavidson
Calling all purgers! Starting this Thursday, April 28th from 5pm - 10pm est, a special event will make its presence known in GFLTown. The government is searching for the most vicious, bloodthirsty purgers in the nation to lead the new world. The players with the most kills at the end of each purge will receive a $20 USD reward for being the toughest of the tough. The Trial of Glory begins in 2 days.
- Your kill count does not carry over between purges, it will be the top kill count per purge.
- Kills outside of the purge windows will not count.
- If a purge is already in progress when the event begins, the following purge will be the kickoff for the event.
- If a purge will be in progress when the event ends, the entirety of that purge will be counted to the kill count and the event will wrap up after that purge.
Edited by JamalDavidson

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