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Mother's day

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Hey!  It's Mother's day in the US!  I don't think all the countries celebrate it on the same day because while I was studying in a different country... I was like "Oh no I forgot to get her something" and scrambled to get something in response to all of the advertisement.  I got back to the US and forgot that I had bought something for her earlier in the year, and so she got a second gift a few months later.  Haha!


Anyhow!  This year has been a good one.  My daughter was born just a smidge before Mother's day last year and it was cool that it was our first, but she could barely do nothing for all practical purposes she was just a crying potato that kept us up every night.  She's hitting some nice milestones this year and we're having a lot of fun.  I follow the textbook strategy as a husband so my wife has to give me some hints on what she wants, and then I have to get it totally wrong.  This year I got her 3 waffle makers.  One does waffles in the shape of hearts, and the other one was in the shape of a bunny.  Then she told me she hates it and wanted the one that does waffle sticks!  I just ran to the store and grabbed that one lol.


For my mom just a lot of chocolate and a small popup card.  She likes ferrero rocher chocolates.  Did you do anything special this year?


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