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stuff and things

stuff and things's TTT Anarchy Mute/Ban Appeal

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the beast



Punished by:

Cpt. Haxray

Reason for the punishment:

Mass RDM(?), Trolling Group

Why should your punishment be revoked?

I was playing last night, just as a seperate name, no alt, same steam ID, I don't know what trolling groups I am in, but I have been playing regularly on the server for the past year or so.
Please lift my ban, as there's probably been a mistake or something, I just wanna continue playing your server.

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You've not given me a reply(odd since it showed you browsing when i put the previous post).


Regardless after looking into it more, it looks like you are a possible alt of one of the two banned. I don't recall seeing your username in-game before or at the time I issued the bans, and those 2 were friends. Additionally, one of the two who was banned only had 2 friends on the entire account and hidden game time, which reeks of potential alt.


However, as I do not have definite proof, i cannot accept this appeal, but I also won't issue an Alt ban. I will sadly have to keep the Ban open for the time being(duration of 2 weeks). If it is just a unfortunate accident due to Ips, then I apologize.

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