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I missed where the days were simpler and more unique, I missed where there was nothing to worry about {war, drama, cancel culture, ETC} something that you can enjoy. Something you can backtrack and go to the good days of GFL or the Golden age of GFL. a time where when they were just laughs and love everywhere around you, but now it's just anxiety, depression I'm just sick of this.


when I joined GFL I joined it because it had breach that was the only thing, I care about nothing else as i was addicted to get accepted into the staff team but failed due to the sheer amount of immaturity GFL has changed me on how I view things (Not really) but now I'm in 2022, 17 years old almost to be 18 years old. though i do miss the friends i made while on this adventure and platform. 


the member who i miss the most are @Doomnack @AnnoyedAvenger @annoying furry @Volk Bue (dont know why she was banned but i miss her) @The1337Gh0st (I believe i met you during the breach server) @Cpt.Haxray and @TheJitFace.

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hey my names on there! 

But I do relate to your point, I am now 18 years old, turning 19 in December and those days are long gone. 

Even games in general aren't that fun anymore so I just moved on to other hobbies, mainly cars and working out lol. 

Just gotta go out there and try new things and see what you like. 


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