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I would Like a Banner for CWRP. Art Request from Swiftyy

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Posted  Edited by Swiftyy

Request type:

I would Like a Banner for CWRP.



Just a normal banner size


Source image/render: 





Text *(optional):

I would like it to say. CWRP Head GM, Anakin, and swifty with a shock model and a dead 212th CMDR Model in the back


Color scheme *(optional):

Pink, red and orange




Image result for Shock Swat model Star warsImage result for anakin and ahsokaImage result for anakin skywalkerImage result for ahsoka tano



Additional information: 

Just change it around a bit, thank you! and add a picture of Ahsoka and anakin standing near the Shock


Edited by Swiftyy



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