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[Surf] The 1-Year Anniversary Update (v2.2)

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Hi everyone!


This is a very small update compared to our major releases. I haven't had much time in the past two months due to university and work, so progress has been a bit slow as of late! Once I'm done with this semester, I'll hopefully be firing out more updates with new features and fixes. While this update is very short, it marks a special occasion and introduces something quite cool (a new fun style!), and hence we have a thread!


The 19th of May marks 1 year since the start of our custom SurfTimer fork. When we started this project back in 2021, the goal was to just resolve the loading time issues that were plaguing our servers. Over time, as we slowly started fixing issues and adding in features the community wanted, we ended up building an experience that we can proudly say you will only experience on GFL. Looking back, it is genuinely crazy to see how far we've come since then!


Even with the amount of effort and love poured into the timer, none of this would be possible without you all. We were in a rather terrible position back then, and we'll always be grateful to those that stuck by our side during our worst. Thank you all for playing, here's to another year of success! 🥂





Fun Style #4 - Parkour

For the 1-year anniversary, I've decided to bring back a different take on a classic GFL style from back in 2018-2019. Parkour is the newest addition to our line-up of fun styles, and is very simple: bhopping in a run gives you a significant speed boost. Inventing new ways to tackle the maps you know and love will be key to staying on top of the leader-board!


You can access the style as usual through the style menu, or by using the /parkour or /pk commands.


Ranks Breakdown

The /ranks command has been revamped to use a new HUD element, and will now display a graphic that showcases the rank icons and an easy-to-understand breakdown of the requirements for each rank! This is pretty much a test of the HUD element, and we hope to put this to use for some ideas we have in some future updates.




Higher-Precision Time Display

Back in December, we released the 2.0 update that featured a sub-tick counting system that resulted in much more accurate timing. To complement this update, when possible, times will be displayed showing one more decimal place in the milliseconds so players have a better idea of how they stand compared to other players!





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