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Event #279 -- Map Votes


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    • Event Nomination: "Oldest School of Zombie Mod" Map Combo
    • Event Nomination: "yeah hi"
    • Event Nomination: "ETH gas fees are too high"
    • Event Nomination: "Saddong's Wet Dream about many things, oh my!"
    • Event Nomination: "Hide & Seek" Map Combo

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  • Poll closed on 05/20/2022 at 05:00 PM

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Posted  Edited by Vanya

General Information:


This is an event-vote based off our Event Megathread (because this week I forgot to open a proper nomination thread, I apologize for the inconvenience), if you'd like to see your own nomination show up in these megathread votes don't forget to drop your nomination in said thread and it'll be picked!


Information on what these nominations are will be written in this post.

These votes will close on: Friday May 20th @ 12:00PM CDT


Event will be on: Saturday May 21st @ 4:00PM CDT


Event Nominations:

Event Nomination: "Oldest School of Zombie Mod" Map Combo -- by eighttailedfox

Consists of:

  • zm_lila_panic
  • zm_atix_helicopter
  • ze_blackmesa_escape_final
  • ze_stargate_escape_v8

Special Kickers:

  • Failnades enabled
  • Freeze grenades enabled
  • Player collision enabled*
    • * = Adding this here in case it's not possible to disable player collision.
  • Rebuys disabled
  • Crowdspawn enabled


Event Nomination: "yeah hi" -- by cron

Consists of:

  • ze_toaster_v1_2
  • ze_silent_hill_v3_0
  • ze_surf_froyo_css3

Special Kickers:

  • Secret ending must be completed in Silent Hill


Event Nomination: "ETH gas fees are too high" Map Combo -- by Lexithd

Consists of:

  • ze_gameshow_v1_2
  • ze_hell_escape_rc1
  • ze_dreamin_v3_1_css


Event Nomination: "Saddong's Wet Dream about many things, oh my!" Map Combo -- by Im_not_ninja

Consists of:

  • ze_PoncherMonkey_Shooter_v3_5
  • ze_memehell_test3
  • ze_ffxii_moko_temple_v1_1 (replaces ffvii_boku_no_pico as map is Stripper-protected)


Event Nomination: "Hide & Seek" Map Combo -- by U-Turn

Consists of:

  • zm_abandoned_mall_v5ff_pf
  • zm_church_of_faith_b1a_pf
  • zm_crazycity
  • zm_duke3d_l1_v1
  • zm_endless_v1_0
  • zm_hotline_miami_v2_0
  • zm_krusty_krab_a3_rev1
  • zm_monastery_v1_1
  • zm_roy_highway
  • zm_x_dontfall_v2_fwx
  • zm_xmas_cozmoshouse_v1_1
  • zm_zelda_oot_forest_templev2

Special Kickers:

  • 5 minutes roundtime per map.
  • Classic spawn enabled.
  • Bhop and knife knockback enabled.
  • Lower zombie health.
  • Increased ZM spawn ratio.
Edited by Vanya

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