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narutoboy45's Mute/Ban Appeal for CWRP

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My in-game name: RMC SSGT 3942 Ozpin

My SteamID: STEAM_0:1:103297488

Reason: Oversexualization

Admin: ChaoticCerulean

Why this should be revoked:

During event setup earlier today, I unintentionally played the YouTube video "Ram Ranch" on a media player. I meant to play a much more PG meme,  "2020 Portrayed by Marvel" , however unbeknownst to me the URL to Ram Ranch was already in my clipboard, and I inadvertently played it. After this I quickly realized my mistake, but had no idea what to do or how to stop the video from playing. I stood in shock and horror while watching such a profusely inappropriate video play. I was then jailed by Chaotic and put into a staff sit where I asked to speak to a second staff, and afterwards, I got banned.


I understand that such videos are in clear violation of the MOTD, but I had no intention of playing it on the media player in the first place, and didn't really know what to do. I attempted to stop the video on the player but the button didn't work. In my opinion, this ban should be reduced, if not removed, due to it being an honest mistake. 

Thank you for reading my appeal .
I hope you have a great rest of the day.


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Hey! So I am the staff who banned you. As stated in our sit there were multiple factors that went into your ban.
First off, due to rules against sexual content on the server, that in itself is a bannable offense. I understand that accidents happen, however due to the circumstances involved I can assure you if it was an accident as you claimed you clearly did not do anything to attempt to fix the situation.

First of all, nothing was said to attempt to get an admin to move it off of the TV and you sat there watching it for a solid minute and 20 seconds before someone caught it and skipped the video, and said nothing to the group you were standing in but were looking around apparently to gauge reactions to the video you put in as shown here https://youtu.be/vvxjgifcj6Q Had this truly been an accident you would have tried to message someone in admin chat or said something rather than looking around at everyone watching the video.
Your story also doesn't add up, as you kept saying you were watching in shock and awe at what you put on the TV, and yet when I pulled you into a sit you acted surprised that you had put that on there as shown in the video attached.




Your reasoning behind trying to play 2020 Portrayed by Marvel is extremely unlikely, as you would have had to click that video, then paste the URL you had "copied" in the bar and then click submit to play the video. I understand wanting to meme and such, but content like this does not belong on the server. Furthermore, when I brought you to a sit, you attempted to argue with me regarding people reading/following the rules, stating nobody reads them and that the !motd was message of the day, not the rules. After being told I doubted your story you demanded to speak with my higher up and my manager, and after bringing a second opinion in the form of Wren to humor your request, you attempted to get me to stop talking when I was relaying to him what I had said to you regarding your statements. When that didn't work, you attempted to have Wren take you to a different sit due to the sit not going to your liking, and after he said it was my sit you proceeded to ask him if you were getting banned. Due to his answer, you stated several times that you were going to appeal this on the forums and that it was ridiculous. 

Normally I understand mistakes happen, and if it were just a slight slip in the video I'd be giving you a talking to rather than a ban and warning you about putting inappropriate videos on the TV. However, due to not only the video, but the inconsistencies in your story, and your reaction to the situation, I have no doubt that it wasn't accidental. 

I would strongly advise that you browse for your videos through the media player rather than using your clipboard in the future to prevent any sort of issue similar to this in the future.

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1 hour ago, narutoboy45 said:

I stood in shock and horror while watching such a profusely inappropriate video play.

This sentence legitimately comes off as a meme to me. Call me paranoid, but this feels like the exact language I would use if I wanted to be sarcastically exaggerative in a ban appeal.


Not that it's hard evidence, by any stretch, I just thought that sentence reads as disingenuous. 

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I'm afraid this appeal has been denied. The main factor in this decision is that the videos we have of this incident make it seem very likely that you're purposely lying to staff with this matter. Your appeal also seems like it was written to be a joke, as Drayyen has already pointed out.


You are welcome to play on the server again after this ban has expired.


I won't take a photo—I'll tell it through words.

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