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Custom Donator Item Request Thread

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This thread will serve as a request thread for VIP models for GFL Horde. To request model, simply comment on this thread with the  link to the workshop item. The following requirements apply for models:


  1. The model must be of reasonable quality.
  2. The model must have a ragdoll.
  3. The model must have animations of passable quality.
  4. The model must be SFW and cannot be of anything that may reasonably offend somebody.
  5. The model must have an addon size of under 10 MB or be distributed in such a way where it can be separated from its addon / optimized to reduce the size to under 10 MB (for instance, model packs).
  6. In order to request a model, you must be a current GFL Supporter or GFL VIP and have contributed at least $200 total to GFL. This must also be verifiable.
  7. Model must not require the use of an external lua file. These are rare so don't worry.


For models that are shorter than the average or have unusual proportions, they will be allowed so long as they don't provide any significant in-game advantage. 


If your requested model is invalid for one reason or another, we will reply to your post with the reason, and you may suggest another model. 

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