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Items for skeledoot

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Cmon its seal in a can. Who doesn't want one.

(Pros) It's a seal in a can.

(Cons) None



This is just makes sense as trolling. How could it not be annoying as a little man running around you.

(Pros) It's just funny to see someone small running around.

(Cons) None



Just because the smoke look cooler in that one.

(Pros) Its just vape but cigarette

(Cons) I guess you could say cigarette are bad for your health more.



So they can draw on walls. That just it. 

(Pros) Draw on walls

(Cons) Maybe they draw non-allowable stuff on the server. but crowbars can do that also so.


That all the stuff I could find on workshop that could work for skeledoot.

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