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thompson's Hightower Player Report

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Player Name gug

Player Steam ID [U:1:416359136] STEAM_0:0:208179568


Your Name thompson

Your Steam ID [U:1:186313578] STEAM_0:0:93156789


Tell us what happen 

hitting unlikely shots on huntsman, most notably a 180 flick. 

I was trolling him on cloaked spy and he looked and shot at me a couple times while full cloaked. He also prefired me a lot, always just before i peeked.

Seems like a cheater alt. 


Do you have any evidence that supports your claim? 

Found out he was banned by SMAC (which i head has no false positives) (https://www.skial.com/sourcebans/index.php?p=banlist&advSearch=[U:1:416359136]&advType=steamid)

There is also a clip of him cheating linked here (https://www.skial.com/threads/hoppa-aimbot-cloak-ignoring-bouts-of-advantageous-lag.95668/)

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