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Discord Banner, Forum Website Banner, & Forum Profile Picture Art Request from Bae

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Request type:

Discord Banner, Forum Website Banner, & Forum Profile Picture



Discord - 1200x480
Website Banner - 1440x225
Forum PFP - up to you


Source image/render: 

Choose any of these renders as the main focus.


da35311-7c433380-fab2-410d-8767-0a40ef82d81cn4w-cc54c08a-68d3-4f9e-ad86-fe87ff2bPin on likeLemon anime girl - Render #5 by LilaBeyer on DeviantArt




Text *(optional):

Forum PFP & Banner - Bae
Discord - soolee, soolee#2516
For the discord banner, make sure the "soolee" is more noticeable than the "soolee#2516". The userid can be underneath and smaller or something.


Color scheme *(optional):

Galaxy colors - midnight blue or purple
white stars or sparkles




Discord Server Banner | Cute Design - YouTubeArtStation - Custom Banners and Profile Pictures for Discord


something like that, pretend you don't see the pricing on there, something like but with text in it as well okay? 😆


Additional information: 

a bit of animation would be nice, whether it'd be on text or the background


credits to @Clavers

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