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Horde Console Commands

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Here is a list of console commands used for Horde and what they do:


  • horde_shop: Console variant for !shop. Opens the shop while you are in a buy zone.
  • horde_ready: Console variant for !ready. Readies the game at the start of a game.
  • horde_drop_weapon: Console variant for !drop. Drops your current weapon.
  • horde_drop_money: Console variant for !throwmoney. Allows you to drop 50 cash.
  • horde_use_gadget: You can bind this to a different key other than T to use active gadgets.
  • horde_sync_to_local: Syncs your ranks from the server to your local ranks. Takes the maximum of ranks. Allows you to bring your rank progress to other servers that use Horde.


Here are some local console variables:

  • horde_enable_halo (0/1): Enable highlight for last 10 enemies. 1 by default. 0 will disable this.
  • horde_disable_default_gadget_use_key (0/1): Disable the default T key bind for using active gadget or not. Default is 0, and 1 will disable it.


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