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Spzatak's TTT Rotation Mute/Ban Appeal

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Name: Spzatak The THICC


Steam ID (or steam profile link): STEAM_0:0:71883278


Banned by: KetterMelon


Ban Reason: Mass rdm


Why should you be unbanned


I shot two explosive barrels that were being carried by someone in the same location within a 20 second span and was banned for mass rdm without warning or slays. 
The admin who banned me was one of the players that died to the barrel, of the two reports i saw before I was quickly banned.

This admin, who fell victim to it, did not administer slays, and instead banned both me and my friend for rdm, assumingly out of spite.

I believe my ban was reactionary and out of athe administrators agitation, rather than intent to uphold an upstanding player behavior.


Also, had this specific server in my history for roughly 4 years minimum, never been so swiftly attacked without slays.

The ban was for both me AND my friend who had not participated in shooting the red barrels, and was for "mass rdm" for both of us.




this is my ban history for previous situations lmao. 




this is my ttt history of multiple years




this was a full week ban and idc about a week ban but it affects my friend for no reason imo

This is the ban. Im appealing because i feel as though the ban was out of admin aggression, as my friend was banned for the same reason simultaneously, and the admin was a player involved in the explosion.

am also appealing bc im bored waiting for another server's files to dL so im passing the time lol


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so for starters, you killed 5 players in one round, while damaging two other, so technically I could've doubled down on it and gotten you for attempted Double Mass, however I didn't feel like that was necessary. I banned you for one Mass RDM, which is RDMing three people in a round without consent. Its unfortunate your friend was banned as well, but I did not ban them. If you two are on the same network then you friend most likely got hit by our system suspecting it to be an Alt. You are throwing a lot of blame at me here when it was your actions that got you and your friend banned. I advise in the future to not shoot explosive barrels especially as an innocent and especially when there are players near them.


This SC below shows an attempted mass, since the maps changed since the ban this is all i can use in terms of evidence.


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Ayyy thanks for rectifying my friend's ban i wasnt that worried about it and since i hadnt had time to see the damage logs i didnt know it was a 7 victim crime lmao i can take the week ban i was sad that it affected my homie, i take back my appeal.

5 people is alot 7 total lmao dont stress on my appeal ty for the time boss

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