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A new super role, The Freeman

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This is my idea as a 4th super role.

The Freeman has the model of Gordon Freeman or at least a full HEV suit model. It has 250 HP and naturally regenerates armor, im not too good at balancing but im thinking 5 Armor every one to two seconds. (starts with full).

Their Crowbar should deal alot more damage considering it is what he is know for, im thinking 50-75 health.

The other weapons are going it be a bit iffy cause idk how hard it would be to add them but im thinking it should have a large arsenal of weapons or a shop with the weapons, Whichever is easier.

He should at least have the Gravity gun, The Magnum, A special version of the mp5\mp7(able to shoot the mini grenades),Modified Spas12 (works like a double barrel), Tau Cannon, And RPG.
Most of this can be subject to change as this would be alot of work and may not be able to be well implemented. i just thought this would be a cool role and a nod to one of my favorite series.

Reach for the stars, there you will find pie.

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gravity gun should be the push or pull one, Because its be fun to have him pulling in props in maps to throw at ememys.

Just a gamer and helpful person.

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