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[Announcement] GFL Surf Tournament 2022

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image.png  GFL SURF TOURNAMENT 2022  image.png



Hello friends! We are pleased to announce that our first ever CS:GO Surf Tournament begins tomorrow! Along with this being a first for GFL, we are happy to announce that this is also the biggest Surf tournament of all time! The participant roster consist of 12 invited players, with 4 of them earning their spots through a points-race style qualifier event hosted on our servers - i.e, the top 4 players with the most points on a select map pool in a short period of time gets a spot at the tournament!

Important Info

Date: June 25th, 2022 - June 26th, 2022, both tournament days will begin at 11am EST

Participants: 16

Current Prize Pool: $2,609.69 USD (Funded by Community Donations)
Surf Discord: discord.gg/gfl

If you'd like to donate to the tournament, click here!


Name Map Pick Seed
X__PorYBcjtR570u50TQwuKCrBxItSARDGKjVQAP Liquidator surf_lowestbidder 1
K0DqIb-rOmdeb-LBeVogQyaOVsLS-Pn-N7-Mk2GL bzukey surf_rooftopsv2 2
pRc9I9yTpU9X8puww-me3qSRctIXpIC-iPViCCHc Moonky surf_beginner2 3
K0DqIb-rOmdeb-LBeVogQyaOVsLS-Pn-N7-Mk2GL dFault surf_tequila 4
DWUFifGw9UuqoKbq8Z70HguNDKOxQGDb1sIisLyT shiro1 surf_frost 5
DWUFifGw9UuqoKbq8Z70HguNDKOxQGDb1sIisLyT da surf_offskill 6
DWUFifGw9UuqoKbq8Z70HguNDKOxQGDb1sIisLyT Uke surf_garden_go 7
pRc9I9yTpU9X8puww-me3qSRctIXpIC-iPViCCHc julien surf_inferno 8
DWUFifGw9UuqoKbq8Z70HguNDKOxQGDb1sIisLyT vhiln surf_adtr_njv 9
DWUFifGw9UuqoKbq8Z70HguNDKOxQGDb1sIisLyT dawn surf_arghmyeyes_retexture 10
DWUFifGw9UuqoKbq8Z70HguNDKOxQGDb1sIisLyT benji surf_apollo 11
DWUFifGw9UuqoKbq8Z70HguNDKOxQGDb1sIisLyT griffey surf_water_run_banjo_skill 12
­6uQlzuQTct48mxq5F7PDpS2mEddm6aSJ5jRpHsm1 Benowy surf_seaworld_fix 13
K0DqIb-rOmdeb-LBeVogQyaOVsLS-Pn-N7-Mk2GL Frozoni surf_jusched 14
K0DqIb-rOmdeb-LBeVogQyaOVsLS-Pn-N7-Mk2GL zer0tail surf_grassland 15
fzVdiBuWEb1LMPNi3zFOOpS6l0Mp0Sq_zPgKZEYH MollyAndCiroc surf_sunday 16


Gemini will be streaming the entire tournament, and you can find his Twitch here.




Match Schedule
You can find the schedule as well as more info here: https://surf.gflclan.com/tournament2022



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Director of Divisions and Physion Unturned Division Leader



xQc on GFL Surf 7/16/22



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It was a ton of fun to follow; super exciting even though I had no clue what was going on most of the time, haha. Gz to the team behind the tournament on a huge success! 😄 And thanks for putting this together!

Wanna know what I am up to? Take a look at my personal Trello board or my cards on the Development Trello board!

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