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Limit on reserved slots?

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I'm being told by some folks in discord that there is a limit to the number of reserved slots in the server. I didn't see anywhere in the donation info or in the perks page for CSGO:ZE VIP that mentioned that a reserved slot has a limit. Is there a way to kick a non-member to allow for a VIP user during peak times?



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Sorry about this lack of clarification on the perks page. This seems to be more of a ZE issue than it is a Donation Issue, however I'll still address your concerns.


Unfortunately, the ZE server only allows for 32 reserve slots. This is to compensate for non-donating members on the server as well. If we didn't put a limit on reserved slots, the server could become P2P during stuff like events. Also, just because some players choose not to apply to become a GFL member doesn't mean we can just kick them off the server for a VIP to join. Members only get higher priority in regards to that stuff.


Unfortunately, the only way for you to join without using a reserved slot is to wait for another player to leave so you can join regularly.


You can bring this concern up to Vauff or Snowy more if you want to talk about it.

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