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Fireship.io: Review

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 To future web developers or anyone interested in UI designing, I would highly recommend going through to visit fireship.io on Youtube. You can visit his youtube channel HERE. Tons of free information and videos on everything from Programming languages, down to understanding the client to server process with TCP exchange of information through SSL. You can also visit his website HERE , which can take you through free courses and learning all sorts of development tools available at your disposal. 


My recommendation:


  • Familiarize yourself with how a client to server connection works, regardless if you are thinking about Front-end of Back-end  development. By far has the best explanation about this process I have seen on any Youtube channel hands down. 
  • A lot of his material is JavaScript related, go through it extensively and coerce yourself in the material. Obviously don't just rely on the videos to teach you the languages and frameworks, download the material for yourself and practice.
  • If you're also curious on learning CI/CD, Docker & DevOps related material, he has videos and material related to that as well. Highly recommend going through for those if you're interested in IT infrastructure support or DevOps related work in the future. 


My overall rating: 9/10



  • Tons of great JS frameworks, tools & libraries to work with. Plenty of full-stack development resources available to you for free. 
  • Dart, Go & other uncommon languages available to learn through his website. Worth the journey to pick up, if those languages tailor to what you'll need or want. 


  • Fast-paced and often hard to keep up. Could be doing a lot of pausing or back-tracking. 


As a current developer myself, I would've wished to run across his Youtube before journeying onto websites such as Codecademy, Coursera and other websites that require a lot of reading rather than auditory lessons. Again, the links can be found with the capitalized "HERE" in the top paragraph. 


Thank you.  


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