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Infra's SurfTimer - Update Notes

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This is a simple thread where I will be posting notable change logs for my fork of the SurfTimer plugin, which is currently being run on all of the GFL CS:GO Surf servers. Until now, we've primarily been sharing update notes in our Discord server, with major updates being an exception (often getting their own thread as they are much more detailed than the regular updates we push). The only other place that has received a steady stream of update notes is my private development Discord, and so I figured this thread would be a good way to consolidate any future update releases!


This is just for update notes relevant to my fork of SurfTimer, and nothing else. If you would like to stay tuned to the latest updates for everything Surf, such as map releases and miscellaneous fixes, please join our Discord: https://discord.gg/gfl


If you would like to check out my other plugins and info about them, check out my GitHub: https://github.com/1zc. Additionally, here are some quick links to some past milestones with the project:


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is this plugin public? Can I use it for my own server?
    • This specific fork of SurfTimer is a personal project of mine and is not currently public. This is simply because it is beyond complicated to set up due to it being designed and revamped to address very specific performance needs on GFL, such as requiring an intermediary Rest API server and a few other quirky infrastructure needs. Instead, I recommend checking out the public SurfTimer project, as it is maintained by a team of awesome people and is well supported by Surf's equally awesome community of server owners and developers: https://github.com/SurfTimer/SurfTimer
  2. Where can I make suggestions for features and/or report bugs I've spotted?
  3. Is there a list of commands that the plugin currently offers?
    • Yes! Courtesy of @ItzTropicalx, this thread includes just about every command on our Surf servers:
  4. How do I join the testing team?
    • At the moment, the testing team is invite only. As we grow, I hope to expand on this to better the quality and extent of our testing! For now, I usually just invite people from the community that I trust to keep a few secrets and have helped out a lot in the past with issues and projects. If you help out a lot with reporting bugs and providing feedback on our servers, I'll likely shoot you a message asking you to join the team!


If you have further queries about the project, feel absolutely free to message me on Discord, Infra#0001, as I'm always happy to talk about the things we've worked on and what our plans are for the future. 😄




We'll start this thread with the v2.2.2 update notes!

Update Release - v2.2.2    - Plugin Build ID: 4014.

  • Added the /reset command, an alias for the /restart command.
  • Players can now set what rank you compare your checkpoints to! This can be configured to preset values using the "Toggle CPR Mode" option in /options > Miscellaneous Options, or by setting exact ranks using the /compare # command!
    • This works for all styles.
    • A shortcut to this feature will also appear when using /cpr.
  • Advanced HUD splits will now show 3 decimal places when comparing to PB, WR and custom CPs.
  • New replays will now save pre-strafes!
  • Fix a bug with the /newmaps command sorting the list of maps incorrectly.
  • Fix a bug that allowed invalid group numbers to be used in the /mrank commands, causing odd results to be printed.
  • Fix more inconsistent chat colours, should be much less triggering now.
  • Fix a bug with replays getting stuck saying that they are in use after /fixbots is used.
  • Fix an issue with the timer's VIP flag checking system causing certain members (hi FrenZy) to not be able to use VIP features.
  • Various minor bug fixes and performance optimisations derived from the "Competition Edition" variant of this plugin, featured in the GFL Surf Tournament 2022.


Here is a preview of the new custom checkpoint comparisons feature, courtesy of @Dini:



Discord: Infra#0001 | Steam: /id/infra- | GitHub: /1zc

             Executive Director & CS:GO Division Leader          

Server Manager of CS:GO KZ




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