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johnimus halomus

johnimus halomus's Mute/Ban Appeal for CWRP

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My in-game name: 327 pfc john halo

My SteamID: STEAM_0:1:159203230

Reason: oversexualization

Admin: do not remember

Why this should be revoked:

I wasn't warned first I was just straight up banned. A guy in the server said the rules were super lax and I could get away with some edgy jokes. However, this was not the case and I was pulled into a sit by an admin and was banned without warning. If my ban was appealed I will act as a good boy and not break any more of your rules.

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Posted  Edited by R3NWR3N

I'm not the Admin that had banned you for this particular case (Chaotic is the Admin you're looking for) but I'd like to comment onto something first.

"I wasn't warned first I was just straight up banned" isn't completely true to a sense.
During a Name event 4(?) hours prior to this - you had gotten into a LAAT/i with the rest of the server before a map change in which you had said some weird comments mentioning balls to which I decided to give you a firm verbal to cut it out with the language in which you had replied with a "
No, I will not watch my language” as a cocky reply. I timed out before I could say anything more BUT your superior officers had also given you a warning about this at the time because they were also there with you in VC and heard it.

So in short - You had already been warned about this particular 'sexual' sort of 
behavior prior to this and should've known that the "rules were super lax and I could get away with some edgy jokes" was clearly a incorrect statement.

And as mentioned above this has nothing to do with this particular case in question BUT I thought I would mention you were already warned about sexual content, but it would seem you had little to no care for how you were acting if a warning from a superior officer & myself was ignored.

Nonetheless, Good luck on your appeal and I would suggest glancing over our rules to view properly what is and isn't accepted for yourself instead of believing the words from someone elses mouth.
Server Guidelines link:

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Unfortunately even if someone claims the rules are relaxed that doesn't have much of a bearing on the situation. Everything goes first and foremost by the rules / server guidelines. Not sure who told you that, but it was either miscommunication or their own opinion, most likely. 

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Hey, my apologies for the late reply, I've been at work. As the admin who banned you, I can assure you that given your behavior in the brief time I watched you, and the numerous reports that were flooding in, your "I will act as a good boy and follow the rules" is highly doubted. Considering what I was able to observe was a fraction of what happened, I can only assume that worse, or at the very least things along the lines of what happened in my clip were said as well. 

My initial report which unfortunately does not have a clip involved you making comments about a navy using their tentacles inappropriately, which is when I hopped over to spectate. Given that in the span of 2 minutes you talked about pissing on someone, and were trying to ERP by getting them to "spread them cheeks" under the sink in cafeteria under the guise of a "map secret", it's clear you were there to cause issues. When troopers got called to briefing as I was about to pull you into a sit, you asked in ooc "can my cock and balls come too?" When pulled into the sit, you proceeded to tell me "I didn't do any of that", and that "People are lying." When told I recorded you doing so, and that I personally watched it, you told me "It was just a joke." I explained it goes directly against server rules, and that you would be getting banned as stated within them.

On top of all of this, your defense of not being given a warning despite being asked numerous times by Wren and other people to stop with your at the time borderline actions is false. Regardless of receiving a warning, you broke the rules which warrants a week ban, I would highly recommend clicking the hyperlink in Wren's message or typing !motd and reading through the rules the next time you are on the server. 

The issues listed in my reasoning can be seen here 

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