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Sir_Ross's Discord Appeal

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Which Discords(s) are you appealing?: 

Discord GFL Main/CS:S


Discord username (Add your tag and ID if possible):

Sir_Ross#3871 / 145605139070320640


Why was action taken against you?: 

Permanent Mute


Why should the action be reversed or reduced?

It has been quite a while and I can barely remember why I was banned in the first place. I think it was something about vaccines, but I can't remember exactly.
I have built up a large filter for my language in conversation as I recently received a security clearance and I needed to be more careful with what I say, so I have no intention of bringing up controversial topics like vaccines in the Discord.
I still really care about this community and I hope that I can take up an active role in the CS:S part of the community again. Ever since Jekyll left, CS:S has been neglected and I want to be a part of keeping what is left alive.


CSS server Host - CSS Server Mieten - VeryGames

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I'm happy to tell you, that the team has made an exception and we have lift your ban.


You've had 2x perm. bans so far, and so this is truly a very special exception.  Please be aware that any further violations of GFL rules which includes Discord Terms of Services will result in a perm. ban, and we wont be lifting anymore; this also includes minor infractions so please do not risk it at all and be extra careful.  It's a lot of words to say you're on thin ice.  We don't have the plan to ban you, and we don't want to ban you, but we just need to make this clear.


Welcome back and happy that we can make an exception 🙂 


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