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Attachments shop menu transition

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When you open the shop to buy attachments for a gun it should ONLY feature the attachments that are compatible with the gun itself. As it is now you have to switch back and forth between the equip attachments menu and the shop attachments menu to see which ones are compatible with your gun. (or a little indicator that lets you know 'hey buddy this attachment dont work with your gun you damn [CENSORED] or something like that)


also sometimes the attachments that do work on the gun don't show up at all and only the attachments that dont work do show up


I am aware some attachments do this already but most of them don't and it's really annoying pls fix it's literally unplayable right now, omg my gosh, smh my head man


the way it is it just wastes time you could spend doing other shit and wastes money its annoying as hell


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