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GFL Newsletter - December 2018

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If you missed a lot of things going on in the community, then good news! This newsletter will get you caught up with the things that went through this December.


Two people returned to Director positions:
Xy - According to the announcements, he returned to the position to assist with the Director team, now that he has free time.
Snoopy - He returned as Director to help and work with them to get GFL back in its positive 2015 position.


New CS:GO Division Leader
We’ve got a new face in the GFL higher-ups—his name is VirusKing. He originally came back to help with our Rust server—although it is only vanilla, it required a little maintenance and VirusKing had plenty of time to resolve this. He expressed interest in our 1v1 server and, after giving him access, he fixed up the server quickly. The server is doing quite well now, leading to a new UK-hosted 1v1 server being opened.

Click here to join CS:GO Division Discord


New Team Leaders

Earlier in December, Joel and Queue were promoted to Team Leaders.

- Queue currently leads TS3 moderators.

- Joel assists with all Team Leaders.


About Overwatch and event information

GFL is often known for many of its Garry’s Mod, CS:GO, and CS:S servers, but have you heard of the Overwatch division?
Overwatch is a game centered on a set team of fighters with a range of special abilities, different fighting styles, and overall different weaponry and playing schemes with many opportunities for anyone to play as. Officially, Overwatch is generally recognized as a team-based multiplayer FPS with several characters with their own unique personalities and backgrounds. The game takes inspiration from Team Fortress 2 (although Overwatch was produced by Blizzard and TF2 was produced by Valve). Overwatch rose to fame when it revitalized the team-based multiplayer FPS genre, but in a brand new layout; new characters, new techniques, everything.


The Overwatch Division is centered on GFL’s presence within Overwatch, and GFL itself has many plans for its Overwatch server. Many events have either been scheduled or brought up numerous times that the masters themselves have taken a look at the idea. As of 12/14/18, the server is even rumored to have a 3v3 competition with amazing prizes fitted for the winners, even involving other communities to join in and partake in the fun!
Overall, the Overwatch division is small yet thriving, having its own little community and receiving positive feedback from its community.


This article will be posted in any new changelogs and changes that you’ve missed from the server managers.



Changelogs, planned by January 2019.
- Backend changes to make future updates possible
- Secondary round type for Site 13 (Main thing)
- SCP-610 revamp
- SCP-096 animations and buff (ability to break through doors?)
- SCP-334 model, current one looks like fucking shit
- SCP-079 UI revamp and additional SCP-079. (Possible) Site 13 support for SCP-079.
- Various items for the Site 13 round type that will also make their way in to regular gameplay on other maps.
- Various MTF Squads for the Site 13 round type, some of which will make their way into regular gameplay on other maps

Prop Hunt
The recently revived Prop Hunt is doing great and is getting up there with TTT activity. We are constantly improving and adding different ideas based off of what the community wants and is a great place to relax.


Hide and Seek

Changes were made in December, showing recently around Christmas week: 
The return of the long-loved, long-awaited xmas_downtown.
Custom textured Christmas hats (red and green) to go with the season, along with matching candy-cane jump packs and other festive amendments
Two custom, completely originally drawn masks.
Two custom made, original festive trails. Perfect for showing off the colorful chaos of Christmas in-game.
The (now passed) Christmas event, handing out one gift on the daily.


Notable non-holiday additions:
Mysterious 'challenge trails'
A custom, completely new map-vote made by Fafy

The server will be opened tomorrow by Jan. 1st, so don’t miss it! Future events will be coming after the launch, such as raids to fight bosses. 

CS:GO Divisional Updates

The division itself is going pretty well. US and UK Surf Timer and 1v1 Arena are starting to succeed with the slots getting filled up, and there is a new Discord launched for CS:GO, which originally was for 1v1 Arena.

JailBreak is under WIP and VirusKing is currently leading the project. The server is next to be released.

Future servers
In 2019, servers like Bunny Hop will be worked on/launched after Jailbreak is released.

GMod Divisional Updates
More about this can be found here.

A new server was released, managed by GlorifiedPig, called “Don’t Blink” and is located in Europe. The IP Address is


- The League of Legends division is up and we have weekly in-house events. We are looking for some dedicated members to help run the events more consistently.

- We are in need of more writers! If you're interested, click here.

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