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GFL Newsletter - January 2019

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Internal Merges

    Today, we’ll be addressing a major change within the internals of GFL: the merge of all internal teams into one.

    Within internal, there has always been a set of teams that focus on specific aspects of GFL. For example, there’s the Media Team, the Public Relations team, the Event Management team, and even the Moderation team. All of these teams specialize in a certain part of the team’s perpetual objectives. However, there has been a strange lack of communication between all of the teams, and so to unite the teams and allow better communication, the GFL upper management has decided to merge all of the teams into one.

    The GFL Team Leaders and Directors made this decision with the hopes of increasing communications between teams and allowing easier methods of communication between teams. Before, the teams had separate discords, but there were no discord links present or pinned. Now, all the teams are compiled into one discord, and they are able to request something from one team and something else from another at will with extreme convenience.

    Since this big change within GFL’s internals has just occured, there are bound to be many changes within the teams in order to fit the upper management’s directives and objectives. These might include adding other teams, creating new teams, or creating a set of rules to manage all teams at once now that they’re all together.

    Hopefully the merge will allow the ease of access and communications that all of the internal teams have wanted for so long become a reality.


Karaoke Begins

   We’re happy to announce that we are starting bi-weekly karaoke sessions on the GFL Main Discord.

    Karaoke is a great way to show off your true singing voice, and even help you practice for something big. By singing in front of an audience, you benefit from it as you might overcome the fear of singing in front of an audience. In Discord, you can especially take people’s constructive criticism to heart and ignore all of the… other criticisms.

    Karaoke is also extremely fun. Singing is a great talent that anyone can master, and usually it comes from the soul. Singing in general ranges from genre to genre, but everyone agrees that singing is enjoyable and charming in many instances.

    So come on down to the bi-weekly karaoke sessions, hosted in the GFL Main discord! Come listen to some aspiring artists and singers, or become one of the main attractions yourself!



  We’re pleased to announce that we have recently become Humble Bundle Partners! What this means for the community is that everytime you use our affiliate link, we will make 5% off of any store purchase, an adjustable 15% on bundle purchases, and $10 for every first time Humble Monthly subscriber! This is a great opportunity for you to snag some games while supporting GFL as well as charities!

Link to the Humble Bundle store: https://www.humblebundle.com/store/?partner=gflclan&charity=159423


Left 4 Dead Division

    Attention all zombie hunters, our very own Left 4 Dead division is getting a makeover! Thanks to community member Kite9867, who now manages the sequel games’ GFL servers, we are starting to see a revitalization of this particular subdivision in many new forms. Firstly, we now have more than 4 player slots, meaning more people to survive the apocalypse with. Secondly, a various amount of new, custom campaigns to ensure the players never grow bored. When asked about advancements in the division, Kite9867 has hinted at a small versus side project that comes with many new (currently undisclosed) gameplay bonuses. Be sure to check it out and don't forget a buddy.


The Rises and Falls of the Month

  This month has been a rollercoaster of roles. Just as quickly as council was reestablished, it was again shut down for various reasons. In the wake, however, we had received a new director! Join me to congratulate Benroy on his promotion this month, as he gets ready to help make GFL the shining community once again, along the side of current directors: Xy, Connor (also known as Snoopy), X2D, and Rick Grimes. Along prominent promotions this month, Liloz01 has become the leader of moderation, managing the moderators on all official discords, our forums, and our teamspeak server. Another major promotion is our new PR team leader, Private Pull (aka Major Push), who has began the revamp of our teams to make them more efficient. I'd like to add a congratulations to all of our minor promotions this month as well. Whether you became a server admin, a member of a team, or somewhere in between the highs and lows, you have earned that spot and let me be the first to say well done.


Member Spotlight: Finnick

   Finnick has been a long-time member here at GFL, and some of the community has become to know him well. He is most active on discord, and likes to post his current progress and finished art projects in the #art channel of GFL’s main discord (link: https://discord.gg/48yWqhF). Finnick is most known for his furry projects, and he takes commissions at affordable prices.

    Finnick also has his own art thread, with his own Deviantart page on the same thread as well. On this thread, he likes to post the majority of his work for people who are unable to reach him on Discord. He’s been posting since 2016, but if you ask him, he’s most fond of the works he’s done in 2018!

    Following this short article will be some of Finnick’s best works, picked by the artist himself. If you’d like to show him support, then join our discord and show him some love! You’re also welcome to commissioning a project yourself.










Happy Birthday

  One last thing - it’s GFL’s birthday!

Or it was, at least. January 24th of 2019 marks GFL’s eighth birthday. We as a community and our staff members have come far in making sure that our players have a fun time that makes them want to come back for more. Over the past eight years, many opportunities have been taken by our founder, Roy, in order to allow flexibility in terms of what to play in GFL. We’ve racked up several servers in several games with several gametypes, and each of them has a good community behind them.


Once again, we are taking submissions on what to do for next month's newsletter. Feel free to reach out to the Media Team on our discord, or on our forums subsection.

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