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GFL Newsletter - February 2019

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Public Relations

    This month starts out strong with major changes in our PR team. With WigglesWorth taking the lead after Private Pull stepped down, PR has started to see changes in a total reconstruction of the team, including the Media Team. Some of these changes include Member Acceptors now becoming a Human Resources department, as we have a bot to accept the majority of member applications. There is much more to come, and here's to the rework going smoothly and becoming a beneficial team once again.


     Minecraft is looking for a new server manager to give the classic game and its following a renewal of life! Our skyblock and survival servers were left empty with last manager resigning to focus on IRL issues. If you're member+ with knowledge of bungeecord and how to manage a minecraft server, send a message to Benroy to discuss your interest in the server!

Server Reboots

    Many servers have seen a revival as it is this month too. Kite has upgraded and remade our left 4 dead 2 server, hosting multiple events and adding many new custom maps and add ons. Another server brought back is the infamous CSGO Jailbreak, headed by our very own Leks. Both of which have seen a spike in activity since reopening. Let's hope to see them continue to grow.

Spotlight: GMod Purge Revival

     Purge is a gamemode on Garry’s Mod that is influenced by the film franchise “The Purge”, where both the gamemode and the movie is set in a dystopian future in which every year, for one day, all crime is legal. All high-class government figures are exempt from the Purge and are thus spared from murder, theft, etc.. However, the civilians must either fend for themselves or attack - or else.

     Purge now has some new features developed from pre-existing methods while also sprucing them up a bit to make sure Purge is running smoothly. These features include a completely revamped map made by Rick, a mix of new and old methods of making money, customizable player accessories, a simplified MOTD, and even more.

    Flyingjoe32 is the leader of the new Purge server, and while he is very optimistic for the future and for GFL as a whole, he says he’s gotta start off by focusing on the now rather than the future. The server first should start running properly and smoothly before branching out any further. With this in mind, we’ve also got some other news about Purge: staff applications!

    Staff applications are now open for the Purge GFL Server. Obviously, Purge is now kicking once more, and for it to be run properly, we’re gonna need some competent, obedient, and motivated moderators. Staff in general is very important, as it’s basically the support of a community. Playerbase is important, but without anyone to control the masses and to keep everything under control, that server is already done for. Check out the Staff Applications for Purge now to apply!

    While Purge currently isn’t too invested in the future, the leader has high hopes that he can first start Purge up properly and smoothly and set the foundation for the future Purge. Come on in and have some fun!



Do you have an article suggestion for next month? Do you want to be our next spotlight? Contact the Media Team today!

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