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GFL Newsletter - November 2020

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𝐖𝐚𝐧𝐭 𝐭𝐨 𝐰𝐢𝐧 𝐆𝐅𝐋 $$ ?!?!


!! First one to finish and send me results of this Word Search VIA Discord DM or Forum Message will receive $3,500 worth of GFL Bucks! Bue.#6053 !!

➡️ Word Search: worksheet(1).pdf ⬅️

(Winner: @Blazing Arson (with no #s))


Before jumping into the GFL's November Newsletter, I did want to offer you all some entertainment besides the thread itself. @Jerry Hat Trick happened to provide the Writing Team a wonderful GFL Word search! Feel free to check out the word search, but there will no longer be a potential reward granted. Thank you all for reading!








Starting off the month with a resounding bang, Director @FrenZy has unveiled a CS 1.6 version of the highly popular Zombie Escape gamemode! Having been set up by wonderful @Reks and @Legolas, there are a total of 17 maps that have shipped with this new server. Players can expect to see several well-known maps, including Mirror's Edge, FF7 Mako Reactor, Surf Facility and Frozen Throne, among others. 

All GFL Members willing and/or able to play are invited to try the server out! All you have to do is copy the following IP: If you want to stay up-to-date with the development of this server or leave or leave a question/suggestion, then simply follow this link.






As for another small server amongst our Expanded Divisions, we've now opened up a Squad server! Similar to TF2 and the Counter-Strike games, Squad is a first-person shooter game. The game's functionality involves the player working with their team while using their surroundings and their tools in order to thoroughly bash the opposing team into submission! Currently, our only server hosts the RRaS (Random Advance and Secure) gamemode, which you can read more about here! The server's first manager is @Jekyll, who will be sure to lead our Squad Division down the right path. If this type of game fits your plate, then why not try and have some fun? Join our Squad Server today with our IP,!


Recently, our counter-Strike: Source (CS:S) Division Leader, @Reeve, stepped down from his position. In the coming days, a new candidate was eventually decided upon in order to take Reeve's place. To everyone that has not already been made aware, please give a warm welcome to our new CS:S Division Leader, @Jekyll! With previous experience, including already having the distinctive position as the first Manager of our new Squad Server, (See above), Jekyll will be able to hold CS:S together and give it a much-deserved hug. Already, he's added a Prop Hunt server to the wide array of CS:S servers under GFL's belt. This is only the beginning of his future accomplishments, so be sure to stay tuned for some more CS:S news in the near future!




 & Update on the Moderation Team


After much time discussing, GFL's Moderation Team was dissolved in order to revamp and improve. Along with this came new global rules and guidelines for all of our Discords and the Forums. As time goes on, you may notice some new and returning members to the team. This change was created to help combat the problem of moderators being spread too thin between all of our Discords as well as to have better quality moderation on the Forums. If you feel that you would make a good contribution being a part of the team, you may apply here! (Forum Moderator Applications are closed for the time being.)






A very generous but anonymous donor gave the GFL Rust Division a total of $1000, breaking GFL's record of the top-donation in one setting! This person donated with the intent of "making the community a better place", covering the fees for server upgrades, paying for server plugins; etc. On behalf of this wonderful donor and the rest of the Rust's society, we thank you so much for all the munificent contributions! 






GFL revives the Social media Team, led by @Infra and @Salad. This team will handle all the Social Media aspects of GFL including, Twitch, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. They are looking for respected, mature, knowledgeable, and active members for the team. If you believe you would be interested in helping create content or stream for any of our Social Media, (Such as GFL Twitch), you may apply here!






Recently, the Writing Team has to bid "Adieu" to its long last leader, @Trigger. For almost a year, Trigger was the Team Leader of the Writing Team. He saw many people join the team and leave the team. Along the way, people denied the Writing Team's potential, and yet, he stayed with the team for a long time. I, myself, joined back in June, when our team was just a quaint and a small group. We stood by, and kept doing what we liked to do. Write. Even as thee seasons changed, even as membership shifted, we still kept writing. If it wasn't for him, then it's highly likely that our team wouldn't be alive right now. Currently, we're at a crossroad. The path I want us to take is the correct path, the path to revitalization, and the path to our future. That is the path that all of our current members want to take and, I hope that you, the reader, will be pleased to join us for the ride. As the most senior member of our team, I'd like to thank each and every one of you that continues to read our writing, our passion. For the sake of the team that Trigger worked to keep alive, and for the sake of the team that our members want to continue, I hope that you enjoy what will come in the Writing Team's Future. Thank you, everyone!





-@AMP & @Serenity

A member of our community, @Bue., has been appointed to Writing team Leader and Rust Division Representative. She will be working alongside the Division Leader, @Vence, to help pursue and expand the Rust Division. As for the Writing Team, Bue is trying her best to build the team up from the ground, reviving it from what it was previously- perhaps giving the team more potential and meaning. All of her staff members and team members are excited to see where things will go with her in the future.






Writer Applications:📝

      -Writers are tasked with helping create the Newsletters and taking on requests for GFL and more. We are currently looking for more writers, so if you're interested in helping GFL complete writing duties, then please visit the link below.


More information about Writer here ---> https://gflclan.com/forums/topic/66655-writing-team-information/

You can apply for Writer here --> https://gflclan.com/forms/98-writer-application-form/


GFX Team Applications:🎨

      -Being apart of the GFX Team means tackling incoming art/graphic requests. Some examples of these requests would be profile banners, profile pictures, etc. Visit the links below to learn more. If you may be interested into perhaps helping GFL complete these tasks, feel free to send in an application!


More information about GFX here ---> https://gflclan.com/forums/topic/58153-graphics-team-overview/

You can apply for GFX here ---> https://gflclan.com/forms/128-graphics-team-member-application/

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