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GFL Newsletter - February and March 2021

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Hello and welcome to the combined February and March newsletter. The foreword is going to be rather short this time around, to introduce myself I'm the new co-TL for the Public Relations team @flamie Alexis uwu! A new addition to the newsletter is that we will be making a list of all promotions for the months prior to the newsletter.


For this month we have hidden a single Easter egg within the newsletter. Be the first to find it and either message @flamie Alexis (Alexis#9876) or @Salad (Salad#6564) to claim your prize! This section will be updated once there is a winner. Good luck uwu!

UPDATE: @ChubbyLucky has found the Easter egg and has won 1 month of VIP!




- @Dragoon


Recently, @Bue. decided to step down from her Position as Rust Division Leader. Some of you may have known Bue for her consistent amount of activity in the GFL community. However, after her resignation, a replacement for her position had to be found. So, with that in mind,  we’d like to give an official welcome to @Hatehim222 as our new Rust Division Leader! With previous experience as a Server Manager for Rust, he’ll be sure to make good choices regarding the future of GFL’s Rust Division. Of course, that won’t undermine Bue’s contributions to the Community. Be sure to give them both a (Virtual) pat on the shoulder for what they’ve done, and for what’s to come.



- @AMP


We are excited to announce the opening of our very own Affiliate Streamer Program for GFL! This is aimed to provide greater incentives to those who wish to stream on any GFL server playing any GFL-supported gametype. Among many perks is a monthly VIP status, alongside an elevated Affiliated Streamer role for the main GFL Discord server.


We’ve already accepted our first Affiliated Streamer, in fact; congrats to @Benowy! His Twitch channel can be found here.


If you want to see a list of all affiliated streamers, click here.

If you want to view the full list of perks within this program or wish to apply, click here.




- @AMP


In October 2020, it had been announced that GFL was setting up an expansion of servers into Europe. However, as of now, said expansion has yet to find a suitable state of release for server divisions to implement, and we apologize for this. The full situation is quite nuanced and technical; if you wish to see a full explanation from @Roy, you can click here --otherwise, you can read a run-down of it below.

What’s Happening:


  • The problem centers around the BGP session of the UK POP not appearing successfully--an issue stemming from the hosting provider, who has been very busy

  • In short, the BGP announces IP blocks; without either of these functioning, the server traffic would end up being viewed as “spoofed” and drop the packets, as both need to operate on the same switch the UK server tower is connected to


A Temporary Solution - Unimplementable:


  • Prior to about a month ago, our hosting provider had rather strict policies on packets using an IPIP Protocol--the very same type used by Roy’s IPIPDirect program for our servers

  • To try and work around the above problem, outbound traffic could simply be sent to the nearest POP from the server machine; however, there are some downsides to this solution inherent to it (the full list can be read in Roy’s full explanation).

  • However, this temporary solution cannot be implemented yet; the simple explanation is that wonky filters are being created by upstreams that are being based off of both the inner IP header’s source and destination IP addresses


Minor Changes to IP/ASN Listing Program:


  • The lists to update are randomized when scanning the lists/ directory

  • Added a max lists option to cap how many lists can be updated per interval

  • Added the option to not write up a list if any ASN lookup within that list fails


Again, we apologize for the wait. As soon as Roy gets the solution implemented, he’ll be making a global announcement, so keep an eye out! Once the announcement is made, the server divisions will be able to decide what kinds of updates their servers will receive.


- @AMP


In consideration of multiple different factors, including amount of usage, amount of moderation and maintenance requirements, the staff attending the March council meeting had decided it would be best to retire the Teamspeak 3 server. As of March 27, this plan became reality; the server was officially and forever shut down.

To those who had enjoyed the server and everything it offered, thank you.



- @Dragoon

Last October, we had 2 Community Representatives (CR’s) selected. Those two are @Salad and @Liloz01. In the link provided above, you can read about how the CR Rank works and about what they do. If you would like to read more about how our first CR Election went, you can read about it here.





Teams and Staff:

@Infra - Discord Technical Administrator and CS:GO Surf Timer Discord Moderator

@flamie Alexis - TF2 Technical Administrator and PR Team Leader


@NokiaSaikou - GMod HNS Discord Moderator

@Musicality - GMod HNS Discord Moderator

@PopcornGoesPopping - GMod HNS Discord Moderator

@FrankAL - GMod HNS Discord Moderator

@Brotherwolf - GMod HNS Discord Moderator


@Berg - CS:GO Surf Timer Discord Moderator

@Bendy - CS:GO Surf Timer Discord Moderator



@Pokefan - TF2 Hightower 2 Full Admin

@Jazz - TF2 Hightower 2 Full Admin

@Soggy - TF2 Hightower 2 Full Admin

@scuba - TF2 Hightower 2 Full Admin


@Brock_  - TF2 MGE Full Admin


@Mooinstor - TF2 Hightower Trial Admin


@StupidWizard - TF2 2fort 2 Trial Admin

@Grumpai - TF2 2fort 2 Trial Admin



@Agent L the Octoling - GMod TTT Anarchy Operator

@Plaid Daddy - GMod TTT Anarchy Operator

@chokingly - GMod TTT Anarchy Operator

@zurenea - GMod TTT Anarchy Operator

@Random Noise - GMod TTT Anarchy Operator

@Solkythe Hearthfire - GMod TTT Anarchy Operator

@K1P_ - GMod TTT Anarchy Operator

@Red Five - GMod TTT Anarchy Full Admin


@Jeebus - GMod TTT Vanilla Trial Admin

@AlphaOwl - GMod TTT Vanilla Trial Admin

@Blastoise - GMod TTT Vanilla Full Admin

@.alm0st - GMod TTT Vanilla Full Admin

@DoctorMoon - GMod TTT Vanilla Full Admin

@olliemas - GMod TTT Vanilla Senior Admin


@Daddy Kaiden - GMod TTT MC Trial Admin

@Royal - GMod TTT MC Trial Admin

@NOT Karkles - GMod TTT MC Full Admin


@KeiraJJ - GMod TTT Rotation Senior Admin


@Drayyen - GMod CWRP Gamemaster

@Crossalis - GMod CWRP Gamemaster

@MrBallistic22 - GMod CWRP Gamemaster

@LiquorLevi - GMod CWRP Gamemaster

@Raamin - GMod CWRP Admin

@TheRealJokester - GMod CWRP Admin



@Brandick - CS:GO Surf Timer Trial Admin

@Ancliz - CS:GO Surf Timer Full Admin

@ApeXe - CS:GO Surf Timer Full Admin

@Fuzzy Focus - CS:GO Surf Timer Full Admin


@Ravioli Ravioli - CS:GO ZE Full Admin



@Hatehim222 - Rust Division Leader

@PetrThaGr8 - Rust x10 Server Manager, Rust Discord Moderator

@GunMaster008 - Rust x10 Chat Moderator

@kcxtreme GFL - Rust x10 Chat Moderator

@iStilly - Rust x10 Junior Admin

@Baconator - Rust x10 Full Admin




@byhon - CS:S Multi-Server Admin

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Thanks to @BlazingArson for the signature ❤️
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